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  • 2023-09-29
  • 星期五
  • 03:00
NO.TitlePublish Date
81What is a sewerage system?2023-05-01
82Is my house connected to the sewerage system?2023-05-01
83What are the time, location, and process that recycled water provided to public at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? Do you need to apply in advance? Is there any fee for the application?2023-05-01
84What is the source of recycled water at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant?2023-05-01
85How much recycled water is produced a day at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? How much of it can be provided to public?2023-05-01
86What is the purpose of recycled water that being produced from the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? Is it safe for human usage?2023-05-01
87How is the quality control of recycled water at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant?2023-05-01
88What are the associated charges to be paid when applicant provides seat on a sidewalk in our city, and how to calculate?2022-06-10
89What are the qualifications required for application specified in “the Administrative Rules for Providing Sidewalk Seats”?2022-06-10
90What are the stipulations governing the reduction and exemption of the fee-charging for usage of urban road?2022-06-10
91What is the timing for collection of charge on use of urban roads?2022-06-10
92What are the date of issuance and effective date of the charging standard on use of urban roads?2022-06-10
93How to apply for holding events in Taipei’s riverside parks or high riverbanks (floodplains) outside the levee?2020-12-17
94After the evacuation gate is closed, how can citizens move their vehicles away from the river areas?2020-12-17
95Are all hawkers in the riverside parks illegal? How to apply for legal operations in riverside parks?2020-12-17
96To which departments should unclean public toilets in riverside parks be reported?2020-12-17
97When will water spray at the “Hope Fountain”?2020-12-17
98What are the places opened for public graffiti in riverside parks in Taipei?2020-12-17
99How to borrow a free hand-operated tricycle?2020-12-17
100How many stormwater pumping stations are there in Taipei City?2020-12-17