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  • 2023-01-30
  • 星期一
  • 10:27

Zhongxiao & Guiyang Gravel Contact Onsite Purification Project

Project instruction:


  1. Approved by the Danshuei River Water Quality & Quantity Conference and Committee, TCG, the “Zhongxiao & Guiyang Gravel Contact Onsite Purification Project” had funds of NTD 508 million from the continuous budgets under the “2008-2010 River Water Quality Improvement Project” for the initial design.

  2. Zhongxiao: Gravel Contact (27 thousand CMD) & Sewage Interception (18 thousand CMD); Guiyang: Gravel Contact (10 thousand CMD) in accordance with the detailed planning and evaluation for the Project.


Project status:


  1. Detailed planning and fundamental design improvement as provided in the contract and expectedly approved in June 2009 before the detailed design for the next stage.

  2. Consensus having reached with the Hydraulic Engineering Office for control rooms and water intake are shown as follows:

    • Zhongxiao:


    (1) Water intake: A weir prepared in one channel outside the existing gravity gate.

    (2) Control room’s position: Inside a pumping station and above an old pressure drainage box.

    (3) Sewage interception well: Inside a pumping station and beside an existing connection shaft.


    • Guiyang Gravel Contact:

      (1) Water intake: A weir prepared inside a gravity drainage box outside dikes.

      (2) Control room’s position: Open space behind the existing pumping station and between old and new dikes.




Schedule for the contract awarded and completion of the main project & trial run for the above project: September 2009 and October 2010, respectively.