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  • 2022-08-11
  • 星期四
  • 05:01

Exploring 10 phenomenal embankment walls by artists available only at Taipei riverside parks!

The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) of the Taipei City Government (TPCG) has launched the "Taipei New Story" project in collaboration with artists to transform the city's embankment walls into larger-scaled visual designs, making each embankment wall a work of visual art. The largest work Yingqiao Goose by Taiwanese rising artist Leo Ho is erected at the ZhongZheng Riverside Park. HEO has also sorted out 10 embankment walls with superb beautification achievements for citizens to check in on their riverside excursions.

First, The Where Dreams Begin by KYO sits next to the Chenggong Pumping Station off the embankment on the left bank of upstream Keelung River in Nangang District. With colors in a soft tone, the artist depicted the dreams of boys and girls on the embankment wall that is 157m long. The Roaming Time Machine by Chieh-Min Wu located in Songhe Street (intersected with Lane 190, Section 3, Nangang District) unveils the community history with variegated colors. The Stories of Songshan by Martin Yang standing in Songhe Street on both sides of the Rainbow Bridge in Songshan District is a fusion of local stories.

Then, Tanmei Street in Neihu District is also an important spot for watching embankment wall art. The Riverside Watch by Christine Chen and Tanmei Elementary School sitting in Tanmei Street (in front of Zhoumei District Citizens' Activity Center) is very attractive with its child fun colors. Also in Tanmei Street, inside the embankment sit the Road Boat (upstream Chengmei Bridge) by artist Chi Wu and designer Kim Chen and the Time Convergence (in front of No. 337 Tanmei Street) by Po-Chun Yen presenting the bits and pieces of Shitan Village with alternate scenes based on abstractionism.

There are also many wonderful works inside the embankments next to the evacuating gates alongside the Keelung River. The By the River at Keelung Evacuating Gate 5 by artist Leo Ho presents a dreamy visual design with soft colors in a stratal setting. Down the river on the embankment wall at Keelung Evacuating Gate 6 sits the Looking Back at Tayou Road by rising artist Jo-Han Cheng showing the local history in the concept of papercutting art.

Lastly, next to the rest station at Heshuang No. 21 Riverside Park in Beitou District (underneath Zhoumei Expressway) stands the attractive Eight Immortals lately completed by Taiwanese rising artist Chi Wu in a fantastic style. The Yingqiao Goose by artist Leo Ho at ZhongZheng Riverside Park is the largest in its class so far.

In fact, HEO has been implementing embankment wall beautification for years. So far, a total of 73 embankment walls occupying a total area of 54,828m2 have been embellished. Citizens are welcome to watch these beautiful views only available at Taipei riverside parks with friends and relatives on holidays.