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  • 2022-08-11
  • 星期四
  • 05:01

New paradise for family recreation! Children’s playground at Taipei Zhongzheng River Park opens October 1

One more riverside playground in Taipei! The children's playground at the Zhongzheng Riverside Park will be opened on October 1. It is highlighted by Taiwan's first "ring-shaped" track to fully satisfy the sense of speed of children. There are also various featured playground equipment for children to have fun until the end of day!
According to the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO), the responsible unit for the Taipei riverside parks, various featured playground equipment has been installed in this new children's playground at the Zhongzheng Riverside Park, including the exciting and fun zip-line and track for children to experience high-speed gliding in the air. In addition, the exclusive, Taiwan's first "ring-shaped" track carries a design that allows children to feel the same sense of speed as in a roller coaster. 
Besides the above exciting playground equipment, there are also rocking buses and rocking cars for a maximum of six children to enjoy at a time. In addition, the original soil-colored floor has been refurbished into colorful lanes with tiny bumps between for children to enjoy the bumpy effect while skating and cycling over. Lastly, the Shalin Pole and Balance Beam zone is located under a tree shade for parents to stay in the shade while children are having fun on the poles or the beams. With all these featured playground equipment and facilities, the Taipei City Government aims to turn this children's playground into a super cool and super fun area.
According to the Public Works Department (PWD) of HEO, to complete the playground in the required quality as scheduled, both the constructor and supervisor observed the strictest standards in the construction. Besides supervising the quality of the playground equipment construction and soft pavement, they have also hired TAF-accredited inspectors to perform the overall site inspection to ensure the safety distance and fall-proof height of the facilities. The slip resistance test was also performed on the colorful lanes to prevent slips. All these efforts are made to ensure the children's safety at the playground.
According to HEO, the children's playground at the Zhongzheng Riverside Park equipped with various featured playground equipment is believed to be a new popular check-in attraction. As the Machangding bicycle rental station is in the vicinity, adult and child riverside park lovers are welcome to rent a bike and cycle along the riverside after enjoying the playground facilities for a joyful holiday.
Lastly, HEO urges citizens to practice good health management at all times in public areas during the pandemic by wearing masks, washing hands frequently and maintaining social distancing. Only effective personal health management can help prevent infectious diseases and protect oneself and others.
Transportation Information
Traveling to the children’s playground at the Zhongzheng Riverside Park:
Enter the Machangding Park (Machang Evacuating Gate), turn left and go straight on until the tennis court.
Bus: 262 (Shuttle), 670, 214 (Chongqing South Road Section 3 (Zhongzheng Bridge))
Taipei Metro: Get out from Guting Station and take bus No. 214(Chongqing South Road Section 3 (Zhongzheng Bridge))