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  • 2023-01-30
  • 星期一
  • 10:08

"Little Green Green" accompanies you for a walk! Taipei MRT Linear Park creates a space for stress relief.

      Recently, Taipei City Park is located between "Southern Sulfur creek" and MRT "Shipai" station.Decorate the garden path with ground cover plants,The vivid greenery and the rhythm of the landscape add a lot of urban beauty.


      Parks and Street Lights Office of taipei city said that it has recently optimized the exposed soil area under the MRT viaduct in the Linear Park to enhance the aesthetics of the city.


      In addition, considering that the ground runoff can also be injected into the planting under the bridge during rainfall, the project uses rolled gravel, wood chips, etc. to lay around the garden chairs and bridge piers to reduce muddy.


      Shade-tolerant plants such as jade dragon grass, kidney fern, silver striae grass, and white crane taro are used to form bright spots next to the garden road nodes.The design is taken from the image of the banks of the Southern Sulfur creek, and the flowing water shape outlines the lightness, joy and good feeling, and creates a comfortable and stress-relieving field space.



Notice:Keep social distance at least one meter, must wear a mask at all times.