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  • 2023-09-27
  • 星期三
  • 18:35

More than 6000 people have completed Cycling Around Taipei earning extra “Taipei Manhole Cover” badges.

Promoted by the Hydraulic Engineering Office, Public Works Department of the Taipei City Government, the certification of “Cycling Around Taipei” won high acclaims from the public. Participated by enthusiastic cyclers, now more than 6,400 people have completed the ride. To thank the cyclists for their support, the Hydraulic Engineering Office announced that 450 extra gifts – “Taipei Manhole Cover” badges will be presented to people who have completed the “Easy Ride” and “Challenge Ride” each month. The cyclists who have completed the ride can also enter the big lucky draw. We welcome “passionate cyclists” to join the activity. 

The River Administration Section, Hydraulic Engineering Office that undertakes these activities pointed out that since the launching of the “Cycling Around Taipei” on July 1, 2022, there have been more than 6000 cyclists who have joined the activity, riding for a total of 657,394 km. This is approximately 17 times around the earth. To thank the cyclists for their enthusiastic participation, the Hydraulic Engineering Office has added extra gifts – “Water Manhole” badges giving out from 350 to 450 per month badges since March 2023 to those who have completed the journey of “Easy Ride” and “Challenge Ride.” 

The River Administration Section expressed that if there will be the total of 10,000 people that have completed the ride – Phase 3 of the targets, it will present 500 badges more every month to encourage more cyclists and their friends to take the challenge. Once a cyclist has completed the task, he or she will earn a magnificent badge.  

Undertaking the certification of “Cycling Around Taipei,” the River Administration Section would like to encourage people to cycle around outdoors and experience the beauty of the riversides in Taipei. The routes are divided into “Easy Ride” and “Challenge Ride” depending on the difficulties so that cyclists can find the route that is comfortable to them. 

Only by completing 1 task each month, in addition to winning the badges, participants can collect big lucky draw points to enter the “Big Lucky Draw” conducted every season, with prizes amounting to more than NT$ 50,000 in total. Now the lucky winners of the top 3 prizes have collected their prizes at the Hydraulic Engineering Office. Chen Kuo-Cheng, the Director of the Hydraulic Engineering Office even presented with the hidden version of the badges to the 3 lucky winners. 

In addition, there will be more gifts to come in Phase 3 and 4 of the activity, including GoPro Hero 11, Garmin cycling GPS and smart watches, Decathlon gift cards, and more. In addition, there are also Fish Snack EasyCard sponsored by North Sea Fish Snack. The more you ride, the more chances of winning great prizes. We welcome you all to ride around the Riverside Park in this sunny and warm Spring weather. 

In collaboration with Velodash app, a local startup, the Hydraulic Engineering Office co-sponsors the “Cycling Around Taipei,” a riverside cycling challenge and certification. Ending on June 30, 2023, challengers can sign up the game with with the Velodash app. People interested in the challenge can consult the official website of the Hydraulic Engineering Office and Velodash’s “Challenge Ride” and “Easy Ride” pages. Why not ride on your bikes and enter the “Cycling Around Taipei” – riverside cycling challenge and certification with your friends?