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  • 2022-12-07
  • 星期三
  • 09:50

Beauty Transformation of Meiti Riverside Park: Natural Waterfront Bay Phase II

Beauty transformation is completed at another Taipei riverside park! With a total construction cost of over NT$48 million, the natural waterfront bay phase II at Meiti Riverside Park has recently been completed. The project included a waterfront trail and a shaded leisure area for citizens to watch gorgeous river views at zero distance, while appreciating planes taking off and landing and the Taipei 101 at the same time, turning the area into another popular leisure spot in Taipei.
According to the Taipei City Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO), this transformation has created a terrain change for the Meiti Riverside Park. Besides bringing a 3D sense, the transformation has retained the arbors and green space on site and shaped a natural landscaping hill with the local topography to preserve valuable green resources while creating a unique landscape as well. Additionally, a waterfront trail and a shaded leisure area are built around the bay for citizens to watch the gorgeous river views at zero distance.
According to the Public Works Section (PWS), a “migratory bird relay station” has also been planned in the natural waterfront bay for migratory birds to forage and rest to increase biodiversity and create a natural site for ecological education. Additionally, the area also integrates with the existing bikeway and scattered open space to provide nearby residents and visitors with a more comfortable, safer and gorgeous leisure area.
At the Meiti Riverside Park, during the day, besides looking over the Four Beasts Mountain, Taipei 101, Dazhi Bridge, Grand Hotel and Miramar Ferris Wheel, visitors can also experience the sensation of planes taking off and landing to embrace the unique riverside skyline in Greater Taipei. At night, visitors can appreciate the charming lighting on the Dazhi Bridge and along the riverside. Wandering around is fun, making the park an ideal spot for a night trip and watching the night views of Taipei City.
The PWS added, phase II started in July 2021 was completed recently. Along the effluent waterway between the Huanshan Pumping Station and Beian Pumping Station in Meiti Riverside Park, the already closed bikeway has been reopened. Citizens cycling around should check the route.
Additionally, the children’s playground next to the waterfront bay is pending third-party inspection. For the reason of safety, it will not be opened until passing the inspection. Please understand the inconveniences caused.
Built along the original river course after the cutoff project in 1994, Meiti Riverside Park with its comprehensive functions sits by the Keelung River. Besides parking (500 spaces for cars and motorcycles) and public toilets, there are other sports and recreational facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields and remote controlled offroad car site.