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  • 2022-12-08
  • 星期四
  • 06:19

HEO’s great partner for flood prevention: Professional consultants provide first-hand water information

The wet season is coming soon. According to the Taipei City Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO), to make the best decisions within the golden time before a typhoon or torrential rain comes, HEO has teamed up with professional consulting companies for years to capture the most comprehensive water information within the shortest time in order to keep Taipei safe during the flood season.
According to the Sewage Engineering Section (SES), although the city government has been optimizing flood drainage facilities over the years, engineering methods can’t provide total protection and not to mention about the inevitable construction limitations. Like all other parts of the world, Taiwan must face the fact that deteriorating extreme weather events are going beyond the protection standards of existing flood control facilities. Hence, non-engineering interventions must be adopted to lower the risk of regional inundation. In case of typhoons and torrential rains, if we can analyze water information beforehand to further judge the potentially affected areas, make early response and take precautionary action, we can minimize the loss of property and life caused by floods.
Hence, HEO began to work with professional consulting companies each year starting in 2008. Based on HEO’s needs, these companies provide firsthand consultation services in areas covering hydrology, hydraulic engineering and flood prevention when facing potentially catastrophic floods. When the emergency operations center (EOC) is opened at levels 1 and 2, these consulting companies also provide timely alerts with information required for disaster prevention, such as water information analysis, off-dike river flooding assessment, urban inundation risk assessment and fire alert management, for EOC to make disaster response decisions.
Influenced by the natural topography and special climate type of the West Pacific Ocean, Taiwan experiences frequent typhoon and torrential rain attacks during May-November each Year (flood season). Additionally, Taipei is a basin surrounded by mountains with steep slopes which quicken runoff to run down the mountains to the downstream flatland, flooding the flatland areas. Facing the challenge of the upcoming flood season, HEO will keep close cooperation with professional consulting companies. Besides upgrading the professional competence of flood prevention personnel, HEO will provide real-time, appropriate flood prevention alerts and information to accelerate disaster prevention and response to protect the life and property of citizens and thereby continue to make Taipei a resilient, livable city.