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  • 2023-06-05
  • 星期一
  • 11:24

The Taipei City “Oversight of Public Construction by the Public ” Underwent the 2015 Performance Evaluation and was Awarded First (Excellence) in the Competent Authority Category

Since 2002, the Construction Audit Team of Taipei City Government has been working with the Public Construction Commission (PCC) of the Executive Yuan to promote the public oversight policies. Other than supervising Taipei City government agencies in actively resolving cases reported by the public, the outcome of improvement, in regard to the cases reported, are also verified through a construction audit and an audit on the handling status of the reported cases. In addition, through educational training and promotion of public oversight, the various governmental personnel as well as the public are able to fully understand the operation of public oversight employed to effectively supervise the governmental policies and thereby improve public construction quality.
Taipei City’s “Oversight of Public Construction by the Public” underwent the 2015 performance evaluation organized by PCC against the results of 21 regional governments, and was honored to receive the First (Excellence) place award in the Competent Authority Category. PCC held the award ceremony on October 24, 2016, and Mr. I-Ping Huang, Deputy Commissioner of the Public Works Department of Taipei City Government represented the Department to receive the honor.