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  • 2023-10-01
  • 星期日
  • 16:06

Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant's Recreational Sports Park

As residents' good neighbor by supplying diversified functions like education and recreation, the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant has one 4.6-hectare recreational sports park located on the top and opened 24 hours everyday with one heated swimming pool, one softball field, three tennis courts, three basketball courts, one child play zone, one massage footpath, one elastic footpath, and parking lots covering 91 stalls for motor vehicles (three disabled only stalls) and 126 stalls for motorcycles. The open hour for the park's facilities with evening lighting supplied is up to 10 P.M. for courts, 11 P.M. for buildings, and the next day's early morning for the park. Except for the heated swimming pool among all sport facilities and motor vehicle parking lots charged according to the standard of Taipei City's public facilities, other facilities are free. The phone number for rental of the softball field is TEL: (02) 25973183 Ext. 863, Miss Wang.