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  • 2023-01-30
  • 星期一
  • 10:27

Tamsui River System stands as the river that most significantly reduces pollutions within the past 20 years.

(The following excerpt is from Wait Until the River Runs Clear: 20 Years’ of Sustained Efforts are reprinted by the courtesy of its author, Lifetime Honorary Professor of Environmental Engineering Institute of National Central University, Professor Ouyang Chiao Fei. We hereby thank Professor Ouyang for his consent.)
The Tamsui river system of Taipei City and County—including its main stream,Keelung River, Dahan River and Sindian River—used to have the worst polluted sections as long as 48.79 kilometers in 1989, amounting to 14.8% of the river’s total length. Tamsui River was once nicknamed as Black Dragon River. Nowadays, a public sewage piping system vigorously established to collect household waste water from Taipei City and Taipei County, it has significantly lessened the pollution of the Tamsui river system. The worst polluted sections of the River have been reduced to 16.2 kilometers, i.e. 5.0% of the total length. The moderate polluted sections have also decrease from 61.65 kilometers (18.8%) to 48.8 kilometers (15.1%). Tamsui River is thus remarkably ranked as the most pollutions reduced river.