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  • 2022-10-02
  • 星期日
  • 13:32
NO.TitlePublish Date
1Beam-Raising Ceremony Held on Aug 23 for Jinzhou St. Social Housing Construction Project2022-09-15
2Congrats! The New Construction Office of Taipei City receives recognition in consecutive years, 2 Projects won 2022 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards2022-09-14
3​"Monet" also loves!! 'Xinglong Park' late summer style painting.2022-09-02
4​Early summer flower viewing secret spot "Zhide Garden" lotus and lotus blooming at the same time.2022-08-02
5Safe, humanistic, and sustainable campus, transformation of Taipei City Dong-Xin Elementary School Campus2022-07-26
6Global NO.1, the early prevention and treatment of brown root disease cannot escape the Beagle. Taipei City will test 5,000 trees this year.2022-07-06
7Beauty Transformation of Meiti Riverside Park: Natural Waterfront Bay Phase II2022-06-14
8HEO’s great partner for flood prevention: Professional consultants provide first-hand water information2022-06-14
9The newest pet in the plant world, 'Shilin Official Residence' launches an exhibition of succulent plants.2022-06-10
10Sign optimization of Taipei riverside parks starting from Dajia Riverside Park2022-05-09
11Exclusive Exposure! Live to the Underworld on Xinsheng S. Road2022-05-09
12Taipei artists paint 6000m2 of embankment walls: “It” is the secret surprise!2022-05-09
13Peak time is here!"Firefly" River appears in "Rongxing Garden Park".2022-05-05
14​Seeing Flowers and Chasing Roses in March "Shilin Official Residence" + "Taipei Rose Garden"2022-04-01
15Good news! The Xinsheng South Canal Image Re-creation and Pedestrian Landscape Beautification Project by the New Construction Office of Taipei City has won the Outstanding Award in the “Parks and Green Spaces - Public Open Space” category of the 2021 Taiwan Landscape Awards2022-03-18
16Big king coconut is so lucky! There are more bright flowers and plants on Renai Road2022-03-03
17Grand Finale: Charm of Levee Wall Paintings at Dakeng Street and Zhongzhen River2022-02-15
18Good news! The New Construction Office of Taipei City wins the “Urban Road” Awards with 2 projects2022-02-08
19Under the Taipei MRT bridge becomes a green corridor, Improvement of sidewalk space from Shilin Station to Jiantan Station of the MRT.2022-02-07
20Plants containing the word "tiger" are mainly! "Shilin Official Residence" Spring Festival Flower Show "Fuhu Shengfeng"2022-02-01