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  • 2023-09-28
  • 星期四
  • 06:11

A pumping station has transformed into a robot. The new landmark by the banks of the National Biotechnology Research Park has been newly constructed

The newly painted embankment walls have been added to the landscape of Taipei City. With the Academia Sinica as the theme concept, inspiring pieces have been made by integrating the concepts of research and manufacturing. Interesting illustrations have been painted on the pumping station, transforming it into a Pumping Robot. It is very stunning indeed. Located at Dakengyou Pumping Station, from Hongdao Bridge to Nanshen Bridge, the pictures of the robot gives out energy, becoming a new landmark in Nangang. 


The Hydraulic Engineering Office expressed that Dakengyou Pumping Station is located by the Nanshen Bridge at Zhongyan Village. Therefore, inspirations have been made with the themes of National Biotechnology Research Park and Academic Sinica. Wu Chieh-Min, a renowned designer, integrated the concepts of the pumping station and machine to draw this cool robot, symbolizing how the pumping station is safeguarding the residents of Taipei City 365 days a year. 


The River Engineering Section pointed out that the pumping robot of the pumping station is working ceaselessly every day, repeating the movements of water pumping. The water sucked through the straw floats everywhere in its body, and is guided to different parts for calculation, analyzing and studying, like the researchers in Academia Sinica. 


The designer Wu Chieh-Min/Ba Lang (called Ba Lang in the circle of design) is the Director of the Taiwan Graphic Design Association, winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Titanium Award in Taiwan Top Star, Gold Award in Moscow International Foto Awards and more. The blueprint design team headed by him has won the Annual Outstanding Design Company award from 2012-2014, for three years consecutively. 



The “Taipei New Embankment Pictures” is a project completed through the collaboration of many artists. The Taipei City Government invited them to create the design with local features, creating an exclusive storybook of precious memories for Taipei residents. Everyone is welcome to visit the riverside to discover a different Taipei.