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  • 2022-12-08
  • 星期四
  • 09:57

Exclusive Exposure! Live to the Underworld on Xinsheng S. Road

Do you know, there is a 90-year-old underground waterway running beneath Xinshen South Road?
In fact, this ancient underground waterway is a drainage called “Special Drainage 1.”
People often confuse it with Liugongzhen canal. Oh no! When looking up the route map of the Liugongzhen irrigation canal system, it’s not difficult to find out that the system does not include this drainage.
The story goes... During 1931-1933, this main drainage running across Taipei downtown was built for flood prevention and drainage needs. The editor has found the construction drawings and data in that time to tell the truth.
For the need of urban development, the Taipei City Government (TPCG) put a cover over the drainage in the 1980s and built Xinshen South Road on top. Therefore, most parts of the “Special Drainage 1” began to go underground then.

  • Present-day Special Drainage 1: Xinsheng Drainage
Xinsheng Drainage is one of the major drainages in Taipei downtown. It gathers urban sewage and transports them to the Xinsheng Pumping Station before draining to the Keelung River.
The Xinsheng Pumping Station is a super big station with a total pumping capacity of up to 151t/second. It is the second largest in Taipei and the largest pumping station in the Zhongshan District!
As an important drainage facility, it needs extra care in maintenance. Each year we arrange a health checkup for the drainage, with professional mechanics inspecting the pipe walls and gate valves of the whole drainage to ensure normal flood drainage.
Today, although willows are no more found by Xinsheng Drainage and the yesteryear view has become history, it never stops draining sewage and runoff in the city to protect Taipei City day in and day out.