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  • 2024-06-24
  • 星期一
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New Construction OfficeManage planning, surveying, designing, engineering, and improving of new roads, bridges, plazas and city buildings, as well as maintaining existing roads.
Hydraulic Engineering Office
Construction, management and maintenance of all rivers, rainwater drainage, water pumps, and other water-related public structures, including all river flood banks (riverside parks).
Parks and Street Lights Office
Handles the planning, design, construction, management and maintenance of Taipei City parks, grassy areas, plazas, sidewalks trees, playgrounds, street lamps and plantings.
Sewerage Systems OfficeHandles the planning, design, construction, maintenance and management of wastewater drainage in the greater Taipei area.
Geotechnical Engineering OfficeThe City's hillside safety management and disaster reaction, industrial path and hiking path construction and maintenance, forest and protection forest investigation development and use, Hill land valley, gully, mudslides potential, and valley administration and planning. Countryside new style investigation planning, hillside development and banning illegal development.
Civil Engineering DivisionCombining the formulation and writing of planning- and engineering-related codes; the initiation, supervision and quality review of construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, and public buildings.
Hydraulics Division
Supervising construction and disaster relief/emergency repair of: river engineering, river management, rainwater drainage and sewage drainage.
Parks and Geotechnical Division
Supervision of engineering related to parks and streetlights, management affairs of slopeland; demolition, relocation and resettlement of legally registered buildings and related compensation evaluation affairs.
Procurement Administration Division
The formation, supervision and verification of laws regarding City Government purchasing.
Quality Control and Labor Safety Division
Handles the testing, analysis, assessment of construction materials and project quality control affairs; the administration and implementation of occupational safety and health.
Road Excavation Administration Center
In charge of the planning, design and construction management of the City’s road excavation and road rehabilitation projects, construction management of pipelines and ancillary facilities of pipeline agencies (authorities), pipelines and ancillary facilities, setup, update, management and maintenance of the pipeline drawing database, and overall planning
of road rehabilitation projects under the Taipei City Road Fund.
Unified Bidding CenterIn charge of the agency services for public works, labor services, tender for property procurement, contract awarding procedure, and research, approval, supervision, guidance and consultation about procurement, and professional practice training of procurement personnel of the Government’s agencies in procurement affairs.
Systems Administration Office Handles the overall planning, development, coordination, promotion, management, maintenance, training, and supervision of the public works information system.
Administrative Services OfficeHandles the documentation, archiving, cashier, general affairs, and research and evaluation affairs, as well as affairs that do not belong to other divisions or offices.
Accounting Office
Handles annual bookkeeping and accounting affairs.
Statistics OfficeHandles statistical affairs.
Personnel Office
Handles human resource affairs.
Government Ethics Office
Handles ethics--related affairs.