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  • 2023-10-01
  • 星期日
  • 16:51

Mr. Shih-Bin Lin, the specialist of the Hydraulics Division of the Public Works Department, was awarded the prize for 2012 outstanding public servant of the Taipei City Government.

Brief Introduction:
1. Responsible for driving the City Government’s Tamsui River Revitalization Project:
(1) Established the City Government’s “Tamsui River Revitalization Outline” master plan, organized government level council meetings, drew up the overall goals and yearly execution targets for Tamsui river revitalization from 2011 to 2014 and made used of quantifiable objectives management mechanism to successfully increase the efficiency of the revitalization project.
(2) Organized and collaborated with the Discovery Channel to produce a documentary featuring the river revitalization plan of Taipei City; the documentary was first broadcast in Taiwan on the 25th of September 2011, and aired in 34 other Asian countries.
(3) Long-term commitment to the City’s river revitalization work, and won 1st place in the master’s program category by the committee of “2012 outstanding public servant study abroad program of Taipei City Government”.
2. Responsible for the City’s major services, such as disaster prevention and protection services of the Public Works Department, and regulations on sewerage administration:
(1) Stationed in the emergency operation center of the “2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition” to assist in the supervision of the successful completion of various repair works; shared workloads of colleagues who transferred to the “2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition” and “2011 Taipei World Design Expo”; as well as served as the supervisory team leader of the Disaster Response Center of Public Works Department.
(2) Organized the international “2011 APEC Typhoon Symposium Field Excursion” and received praise from 21 representatives of the APEC member countries, as well as a letter of acknowledgement from the APEC regarding the City’s disaster prevention and flood prevention capability, while promoting the City’s diplomacy at the same time.
(3) Responsible for driving the amendment of the “Taipei City Sewerage Administration Autonomous Regulations”, providing the City Government with the relevant administration institution’s legal basis for penalties, improving the efficiency of the City’s construction, maintenance and management of rain sewers and wastewater sewers.