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  • 2024-03-05
  • 星期二
  • 11:02

How is the cleaning pipelines Service Fee counted? When should the application be made beforehand?

  1. The cleaning for external public sewage pipelines is provided for free. However, if a householder’s internal pipelines are clogged, the householder should voluntarily consign a vendor (e.g., water and electricity engineering firm, etc.) which provides cleaning and dredging services to undertake the cleaning, because the pipelines are the householder’s private property and belong to the householder’s own range.
  2. Because it is an emergency to clean the pipes, whenever the office receives any report via telephone or other kind of reporting method, we will undertake immediate handling to respond to any instant report. If any citizen has discovered any clog problem in any one of the office’s public pipelines, please report to the office immediately.