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  • 2023-01-30
  • 星期一
  • 10:27

Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant stench improvement plan

A protest was held by City Councilors and local residents in front of Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant this year (2010) on June 28th regarding the sewage stench. In response, the Sewerage Systems Office of the Public Works Department of the Taipei City Government has actively engaged itself in the discussion of improvement measures. Beginning tomorrow (29th), night soils from other counties and cities will no longer be accepted at the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant. At the same time, O3 odor removing facilities will also be installed at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant treatment level with appointed person(s) undergoing odor checks around the plant as well as athletics park each morning with odor check reports filed to achieve immediate stench notification. In the future, the Sewerage System Office will continue to execute relative improvement plans.

The chief of the Sewerage Systems Office, Meng-Yen, says Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant will no longer accept night soils from outside Taipei City, starting June 29th, to reduce incoming cesspool cleaner trucks, while simultaneously demanding reinforced cesspool cleaner truck management and sanitation by night soil business owners to prevent night soil leakage. Also, improvement construction of night soil dumping opening facilities located at the Plant’s south side will be completed in August of this year (2010) with the addition of fast roller shutters as well as changing outdoor night soil dumping into indoor night soil dumping with improved air curtain functions at the entrance, which should drastically reduce stench produced during night soil dumping.