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  • 2024-07-20
  • 星期六
  • 04:54

Preparing for the Flood Season Taipei City Wa-terworks Inspection Completed

# We’re ready for the flood season

# Implementing Flood Control Strictly

May to November is the peak season for typhoons and heavy rains. In order to safeguard citizens’ lives and properties, we mobilize our entire team every year from November to conduct safety inspections of the pumping stations and hydraulic structures in Taipei City, and to strictly check and rectify any deficiencies.

Including: 111.5 kilometers of embankments, 36 evacuation gates, 88 pumping stations, 427 pumping units, 65 sedimentation tanks (including gates and valves), 1,147 gates (valves), in the face of the flood season, we are on standby to be fully prepared.


#One of the best Special municipality

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) rated us as one of the best special municipalities for the FY2023 “Waterworks Inspection and Improvement Program,” which recognizes and encourages our hard work in water and flood safety 💯