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  • 2022-12-08
  • 星期四
  • 09:54

Good news! The New Construction Office of Taipei City wins the “Urban Road” Awards with 2 projects

On January 20, 2022, the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior held the “Urban Road” Awards Ceremony and Achievement Exhibition. Taipei City won the Excellent Award in the Flagship Project – “Humanities Integration Category” with the “Taipei City Zhongxiao East Road and Other East-west Axis Sections and Surrounding Pedestrian Environment Improvement Project” and the Excellent Award in the General Project Category with the “Bangka Boulevard Pedestrian Environment Improvement Project”, demonstrating the Taipei City Government’s continuous commitment and dedication to improving the road and pedestrian environment. At the award ceremony, Minister Hsu Kuo-Yung of the Ministry of the Interior and Deputy Chairman Yen Chiu-Jung of the Public Construction Commission presented awards to the New Construction Office of the Public Works Department of the Taipei City Government and the construction team.
Hung Wei Tsung, Chief of the Utilities Conduit Planning Section of the New Construction Office, says the award-winning Zhongxiao East Road and Surrounding Pedestrian Environment Improvement Project covers Section 1 to Section 3 of Zhongxiao East Road, with a total length of about 1.7 kilometers. The concept of the project is based on the three main objectives of “human-centered roads that enable a safe and enjoyable ride,” “environmentally friendly and resilient roads,” and “smart roads that meet people’s needs.” By widening the sidewalks, creating parking bays and relocating existing facilities, a wide and accessible human-centered environment is created. In addition, with permeable paving surfaces and through planting along roadsides, surface runoff is reduced, and rainwater can infiltrate into the soil to enhance the city's water retention capacity. Based on the concept of a sponge city with resilient roads, smart bus shelters and smart IoT multi-functional streetlights and control boxes have been installed along the roads, which can be combined with 5G base stations, air quality sensors and other equipment in the future to effectively monitor environmental information, bring more convenience to citizens’ lives, and make Zhongxiao East Road a model that is human-centered, resilient and smart.

As for another award-winning Bangka Boulevard Pedestrian Environment Improvement Project, Hung Wei Tsung says in addition to replacing old and damaged pavements, the sidewalks are also widened, existing facilities are relocated altogether into the facility areas, and a barrier-free environment is created to provide a comfortable and smooth pedestrian space for the public. Furthermore, the heat island effect is reduced with permeable paving surfaces to create a sponge city. Meanwhile, in accordance with the “Taipei Vision City - Cycling Network Project,” when the sidewalk is widened, bike lanes are also built to create a bicycle-friendly environment and improve the utilization rate of green transportation to create a new new environment concept of “human-centered” roads.
Lastly, Hung Wei Tsung says in recent years, Taipei City has been pushing forward the construction of a human-centered environment. In addition to continuous improvement of the flatness of sidewalks, Taipei City has also been dedicated to the establishment of a barrier-free space for pedestrians and the completeness of a cycling network, changing from the previous concept of vehicle-centered road design to a concept of human-centered design, and extending the improvement plans from the previous way of focusing on a single “section” to a comprehensive review of the overall “street contour,” to provide a livable, sustainable, and safe living environment for the citizens and show them the progress of Taipei City through the changes in the road environment.