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  • 2024-06-24
  • 星期一
  • 08:08

Taipei City New Construction Office was Awarded the 2022 “Golden Safety Award”

The Ministry of Labor held the awarding ceremony of the 2022 “Public Construction Golden Safety Award” on November 17, 2022. The “Phase 2 Construction of Fuguo Road Utility Tunnel,” practiced by the New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government, was highly praised by committee members and received the Outstanding Performance Award for the Golden Safety Award.


New Construction Office stated that since bidding, the “Phase 2 Construction of Fuguo Road Utility Tunnel” not only listed a safety and hygiene management plan as one of the assessment requirements, but also successively carried out risk assessment for firms varying out the various phases of designing, supervision and construction, made appropriate plans regarding successive maintenance and management, prepared appropriate budget, and quantified construction agendas. The purpose is to effectively distinguish hazard factors and stipulate risk-reducing strategies. It also provided the risk assessment results of the “Phase 1 Construction of Fuguo Road Utility Tunnel” to the supervisors and construction firms as experience passed on to enhance safety awareness in construction sites.


New Construction Office further explained that given that its construction phases overlapped with the construction interfaces of the other two constructions, BIM was introduced to simulate and review structure construction sequence to avoid hazards and reduce construction flow changes due to simultaneous operations. As for underground jacking operation, automatic gas detection facilities, broadcasting systems, electronic fences, safety nets, wired communication equipment and emergency aid devices were installed to ensure the safety of all construction personnel. As for the access control of the construction sites, security guards were hired, face identification and automatic protection gear detection systems were installed, and people-vehicle separation rules were practiced. Online platforms and IoT technologies were utilized as LINE was used to broadcast real-time messages. An emergency broadcast announcement was also used to shorten communication and information conveying time, thus enabling personnel to receive information faster, have more time to deal with various situations, and enhance their management status. In summary, these safety and hygiene measures enabled this project to be recognized by the Golden Safety Award during its construction while maintaining safety and construction quality. It is expected to be completed on time and done well.