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  • 2022-08-11
  • 星期四
  • 05:01

3 Projects of The New Construction Office of Taipei City Government win the National Golden Award for Architecture

On the evening of October 21, 2021, the Republic of China National Enterprise Competitiveness Development Association held the “23rd National Golden Award ceremony for Architecture” at the meeting hall of Cathay Financial Holdings. The New Construction Office of the Public Works Department of Taipei City Government won 3 awards, including the Golden Award in the Best Planning and Design Category (Public Building Group) for the “Taipei City Beitou District Daoxiang New Construction Project of the Department Building”, the Golden Award in the Best Planning and Design Category (Public Building Group) for the “Taipei City Dunhua Elementary School Building Reconstruction Project”, and the Golden Award in the Best Planning and Design Category (Public Building Group) for the “Taipei Municipal NanGang High School Multi-Purpose Teaching Building New Construction Project”. The New Construction Office has received awards once again in a month after winning the 2021 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards for 5 projects and the 2021 Taipei City Outstanding Public Works Awards for 7 projects in September, demonstrating that the New Construction Office’s excellent quality is recognized and affirmed.

“Taipei City Beitou District Daoxiang Department Building” – To create a healthcare community and develop a new type of industry, Co-housing and Aging Together, the building is innovatively combined with health and welfare facilities and civic activity space for multiple purposes. In addition, a daycare center, a home care center, an occupational therapy center, an infant care center and a care base are set up, along with an existing supermarket, a resident activity center, a library, and other facilities. The goal is to construct a complex community public facility through strategic planning such as healthcare, long-term care facilities, land activation and reuse and so on. Moreover, to provide the public with openness and continuity on the ground level, a square-style open space of more than 100 square meters is reserved. A length of 6 meters is shortened for urban greenbelts and pedestrian space. The east side of the building is adjacent to the waterfront of Shuimokeng stream, and the west side is connected to the open space of Daoxiang Park. It has obtained a silver-grade green building candidate certificate and a qualified-grade smart building candidate certificate, realizing the vision of a livable city, a happy homeland, supporting the elderly and the young, and lifelong learning.

“Taipei City Dunhua Elementary School Building Reconstruction Project” - Dunhua Elementary School was established in 1958. It has a history of more than 60 years, and its music class is well-known throughout the country. The architects of this project take “Green Shade, Orange Light, Blue Sky, and Going to School Conveniently” as the design image and design the project based on three major strategies. First, to respect the campus environment, 2 old trees, a camphor tree and a red fruit fig-tree are kept in their original place as a priority. To create a green atmosphere, Green Shade elements are introduced into students’ learning environment through the building layout. In addition, it aims to highlight the spirit “It takes ten years to nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a person” during the process of protecting old trees. Second, to achieve a sustainable environment, this project aims to reduce carbon emission and conserve energy through natural ventilation and lighting and scale down the scope of excavation in terms of the volume of the building, returning the green space to the campus and reducing construction waste. Third, to provide a parent-friendly pick-up area, a friendly route and pick-up area is designed in the underground parking lot for parents to pick up and drop off their children, so that students won’t have to rush when getting in and off, and they will be able to walk to their classrooms safely. It echoes the image of “Green Shade, Orange Light, Blue Sky, and Going to School Conveniently” and implements the education philosophy of “Educating with hearts and love” through the architectural design, allowing students to learn and grow happily and healthily.

“NanGang High School Multi-Purpose Teaching Building New Construction Project” – To create a safe, comfortable, healthy, harmonious, and convenient teaching environment, several ideas are brought up for the architectural design, such as open campus, porous building, and youth stage. The project aims to integrate the open space of the campus through the design of a centralized building. The double-layer exterior walls are designed to reduce the noise of traffic and activities in the learning space. In addition, it aims to create a diverse communication place and a diverse learning and interactive space for students so that this building can be a new campus building that is futuristic and forward-looking, as well as giving consideration to both the humanities and the natural environment.