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  • 2024-07-20
  • 星期六
  • 06:09

Taipei City won first place in the central evaluation for both road maintenance management and common duct work

On January 9, 2023, the Ministry of the Interior hosted the awards ceremony and a seminar for the “Urban Road Maintenance Management and Pedestrian Environment Accessibility Evaluation Project” of 2021 and the “Municipal and County (City) Governments Promotion of Common Duct Work” of 2022 in the International Conference Hall of the Transportation Research Building of the Ministry of Communications. Taipei City not only won two Excellence Awards for the best total score in the category “Municipality” of the National Urban Road Maintenance Management and Pedestrian Environment Accessibility Evaluation as well as the promotion of common duct projects, it also won first place in the pedestrian evaluation categories “Street Outline Assessment - Municipality”, “Street Outline Assessment - Municipality”, and “Pedestrian Environment - Municipality”. In addition, since 2013, Taipei City has not only been invited by the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior to hold the National Demonstration Conference and has been exempted from evaluation in 2018, the “Urban Road Maintenance Management and Pedestrian Environment Accessibility Evaluation Project” has also gained recognition that is has held the first place in the evaluation for 8 years.


Kun-Hu Lin, director of the Public Construction Bureau of the Public Works Department, Taipei City Government, said that Taipei City is committed to promoting the construction of urban roads and pedestrian environments. In order to continuously improve the road quality of Taipei City, the city is not only continuously improving the evenness of roads and sidewalks, providing pedestrian-friendly environments and building common ducts, but it is also actively developing various innovations to improve the overall road quality, such as introducing effective contracts for road inspection and maintenance, establishing a visualized management system for roads and ancillary facilities, implementing improvement plans for the widening of sidewalks, and introducing various intelligent management measures such as intelligent management for common ducts. There is no such thing as perfect road quality, so continuous improvements are necessary.


Wei-Tsung Hung, chief of the common duct section of the Office of Public Construction, said that Taipei City, as a leading city, actively cooperates with the central government's policies to improve the road and pedestrian environment year by year. He also thanks the Ministry of the Interior and the evaluation committee for their guidance and support over the years, which enabled not only policies but also actual implementations, leading to continuous improvements in the city. In recent years, Taipei City has been actively promoting the creation of a human-oriented environment. Recently, the human-oriented environment improvement projects of Sections 1-3 of Zhongxiao East Road and the Shuizhen Image Reconstruction Project of Xinsheng South Road have been well received by its citizens. From the improvement of “single roads” in the past, to the overall consideration of the “whole street”, the implementation results have also been well received by the Ministry of the Interior and the evaluation committee. In the future, Taipei City will strive to continuously improve and make constant efforts to provide citizens with a human-oriented, resilient, and sustainable traffic environment.