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  • 2023-09-28
  • 星期四
  • 02:33

The Road Maintenance Project of the New Construction Office, Taipei City awarded with The Public Construction Commission Golden Quality Award

The Public Construction Commission of the Executive Yuan held the “22nd Public Construction Golden Quality Award” ceremony at the convention center in the building of the CPC Corporation on December 22, 2022. The New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government was again recognized by the excellent work of the public facilities maintenance management category with the “Public Facility Maintenance and Management of Shilin and Beitou District”.


After completing the road leveling project of the main road, the New Construction Office stated that Taipei City has shifted to a maintenance-oriented full life cycle management model. Under the precondition of maintaining the road service quality in Taipei City, in terms of road inspections, in addition to formulating the inspection system, substantiating outsourced inspections, and establishing a three-tier inspection and supervision mechanism to supervise substantially, the New Construction Office has applied AI technology in-depth learning and big data analysis since 2018 to develop the “AI automatic identification and reporting system for roads condition.” The pilot run of the automatic identification system was completed in May 2019, and the road inspection (identification) was carried out in comparison with the traditional vehicle inspection equipment. The automatic identification system walking backpack for road facilities (sidewalks, side ditches, etc.) was completed at the end of 2019. Currently, the “AI automatic identification and reporting system for roads condition” can detect more than 80% of the road condition that needs repair service.


The New Construction Office explained further in the road maintenance work that suitable new materials and construction methods for daily maintenance have been selected actively; also, on-board heating plates for road maintenance are introduced. Achieve the objectives of reducing traffic impact and increasing energy saving and environmental protection by having roads repaired with new machines, new construction methods, and road regeneration in situ in order to realize the patrol and repair, effectively improve the maintenance quality and save budget; also, plan the annual road sections and pipelines services to provide citizens with comfortable, smooth, convenient, and safe roads in accordance with six evaluation factors (road repair frequency, repair area, excavation area, frequency of public complaints, road smoothness, road milling process, etc.) through the six information management systems.


The New Construction Office stated that it was bold and innovative in maintenance management to have the performance-based contract labor service introduced into the road inspection and maintenance implementation to greatly reduce the administrative work of the agency and to allow contractors to make good use of their expertise flexibly to innovate in order to provide pedestrians with better service.