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  • 2022-12-08
  • 星期四
  • 11:46

​"Monet" also loves!! 'Xinglong Park' late summer style painting.

    In the late summer season, the ecological pool of Xinglong Park is already full of small white flowers - white snowflake.     The white snowflake bloom from August to September every year. The leaves are heart-shaped and float on the water surface, the corolla is white, and the inner and lower parts are Yellow, very small and cute.

    Plant a lot of aquatic plants (Taiwan pine grass, rush), shrubs, trees, etc. around to provide a variety of living spaces for insects and small animals to inhabit.

    Citizens and friends can enjoy the traces of turtles, dragonflies, fish and birds in the ecological pool.There are several rest seats around the ecological pool. People can sit on the shore and chat, bring snacks and enjoy the summer atmosphere.
Notice:Keep social distance at least one meter, must wear a mask at all times.