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  • 2024-07-20
  • 星期六
  • 05:27

The Taipei Camellia Exhibition will be held on January 6, 2023. The master's delicate brushwork "sees the flowers blooming"


      The 2023 Taipei Camellia Show "Seeing the Blossoms" officially kicked off the flower season in Taipei! 


      This year's exhibition period is from January 6th to January 15th, 2023. This time, we specially invited Teacher Wang Xinmin, who won the first prize of [Ladysmith Multi-Media Fine Arts Exhibition] and [Sooke Fine Art Show] in Canada, Through years of observation on planting camellias, With delicate brushstrokes, the perfect camellia is presented on the canvas.


      At the same time, it also brings a series of paintings of Yangmingshan to share with you the teacher's emotion and love for the land.In the foreground, all kinds of camellia bonsai are displayed together to create a picturesque new visual feast, inviting the public to swim in the art world of camellia.


      Every year, people from all walks of life pay great attention to the cultivation of camellias. This time, Taiwan native varieties are combined with international varieties of camellias to bring cultural integration and let the public appreciate how elegant and full of vitality the camellias growing in this land are.


      Each pot is patiently cultivated by experts and is worth exploring carefully.This time, a total of 100 pots of camellia bonsai have been collected by camellia cultivation experts and flower test centers from all over Taiwan. Together with the international art and cultural exhibition, it will bring a different sensory experience to the flower viewing public, and look forward to welcoming a new weather in the new year.





Notice:Keep social distance at least one meter, must wear a mask at all times.