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  • 2022-12-08
  • 星期四
  • 09:57

Peak time is here!"Firefly" River appears in "Rongxing Garden Park".

      The most romantic summer night firefly viewing season of the year is in full swing,In the "Rongxing Garden Park" located in the urban area, many Huojin girls have returned to their parents' homes in early April.
      Affected by the COVID-19 outbreak,In order to comply with the central epidemic prevention regulations and avoid the risk of clustering.
Although the "Rongxing Garden Park" ecological protection volunteer team did not provide guided tour services this year, they continued to protect the habitat and collect ecological data statistics.
      At the same time, volunteers will be arranged to maintain the firefly viewing order on the wooden plank road, so that everyone can enjoy firefly viewing with peace of mind and safety.

Notice:Keep social distance at least one meter, must wear a mask at all times.