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  • 2024-07-20
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Public Works Department, Taipei City Government has 1 Commissioner, 2 Deputy Commissioners, 1 Chief Secretary, several Senior Engineers and Senior Specialists and several divisions and offices, as shown below. The Commissioner hired by the mayor is in charge of the general department affairs and to supervise the department staff; and the Deputy Commissioners assist in dealing with the foregoing affairs. Besides this, there are five Divisions (Civil Engineering, Hydraulics, Parks and Geotechnical, Procurement Administration, Quality Control and Labor Safety),two Centers (Road Excavation Aaministration Center and Unified Bidding Center),  six Offices (Systems Administration, Administrative Services, Accounting, Statistics, Personnel, and Government Ethics) in the Public Works Department. In addition, the subsidiaries of the Public Works Department are the five Offices: New Construction Office, Hydraulic Engineering Office, Parks and Street Lights Office, Sewerage Systems Office and Geotechnical Engineering Office.

Organization map