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  • 2023-09-29
  • 星期五
  • 03:49

How do three sewage treatment plants discharge effluent?

  1. Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant
    Drawn by pumps and collected to wells via two connection pipelines with a diameter of ∮1650mm and a similar length of 115m, effluent in a flow rate designed to 1.75m³ per second (full pipe flow) is discharged into the Tamsui River via one connection pipeline with a diameter of 2500mm and a length of 85m.
  2. Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant
    Effluent is discharged into the Keelung River via a pipeline with a diameter of 1.8m.
  3. Bali Sewage Treatment Plant
    Through a pipeline with diameters from 2.4m to 3.6m and a total length of 6660m, effluent in a maximum flow rate of 21.96m3 per second is discharged into the 43m deep ocean in the Taiwan Straits.