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  • 2024-07-20
  • 星期六
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What should I do now if my original septic tank in the basement is not obsoleted when connecting the sewerage pipeline?

When connecting to the sewerage system, if the original septic tank in the basement is not obsoleted, but the connection requires to connect the pressurized outlet, the user needs to alter the piping in the basement by entrusting a professional plumber, such that the night soil pipe originally drained to the underground or basement septic tank is altered to be drained by gravity to the public sewage pipeline, so that the septic tank can be obsoleted. If the basement also has drainage needs (such as toilet, wash basin, or if the original sewage piping cannot be altered to drain to the public sewerage by gravity), then sewage piping of above ground levels shall be likewise altered to drain into public sewerage by gravity, and the existing septic tank shall be modified into a sewage pit, with basement toilet(s) connected to it and the sewage pumped to the public sewerage. The user must inform SSO for assisting the connection of the external outlet to the public sewerage system. The user must be reminded not to connect arbitrarily to the system; this will lead to violation to Sewerage Act and will be imposed of a fine.

For building permits obtained prior to Feb. 13, 1999, the city government currently offers partial subsidies for the obsoletion of existing septic tank or their alteration into wastewater pit; qualification for the subsidy may be queried in the official website under [promotion issues] in regard of subsidy qualification, procedures, and amount of subsidy; application forms are available for download. Service can also be obtained via “Taipei City Government Citizen Service Platform Website (https://service.gov.taipei/)”: [Subsidy Application for obsoletion of existing septic tank in the building or altering septic tank into wastewater pit] under: Home / Application Cases – By Entity Category / Public Works Department / Sewerage Systems Office/. For further information, please call Operation Management Division, SSO, (Tel: 2597-3183 ext.106). Any application must be filed prior to the construction work; completed pipeline alteration is not allowed for application.