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  • 2024-03-05
  • 星期二
  • 11:50

What is the contact window for any question about a project for connection of sewers?

Competent authorities for a project of the sewage piping system according to administrative districts are shown as follows: Eastern Construction Office (Nangang & Neihu, TEL: 26562994); Southern Construction Office (Da-an & Wenshan, TEL: 86637294); Western Construction Office (Jhongjheng & Wanhua, TEL: 23083915); Northern Construction Office (Shihlin & Beitou, TEL: 25975744); Central Construction Office (Jhongshan & Datong, TEL: 25953661); Songxin Construction Office (Songshan & Sinyin, TEL: 27688561). In the event of any question for one project about the sewage piping systems raised by citizens, e.g., construction schedule, construction model, and construction quality, etc., please directly contact the corresponding offices. If still unclear, please dial a phone call to the Public Works Section (TEL: 25973183, Ext. 204), or Citizen Hot Line, 1999 (local phone service) or 02-27208889 (for areas beyond Taipei City).