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  • 2023-09-29
  • 星期五
  • 05:51

What is the consequence if the user refuses to connect the system when the city government carries out free-of-charge connection?

If any user refuses to connect the system after SSO completes the connection work, according to Article 19 of the Sewerage Systems Act and Article 17 of Detailed Implementation Regulations, the user must, based on Article 19 of Taipei City Sewerage Users Draining Facilities Review and Inspection Regulations, within 6 months starting from the date of commencement, entrust a professional engineer for designing and applying for the connection, and must hire a qualified plumber for completing the work. Please refer to Municipal Services Platform for relevant procedures under items of: Home / Application Cases – by Category of Entities /Public Construction Division/ Sewerage Systems Office for applying connection with and using the Sewerage Pipeline. (SSO Address: No. 235, Jiuquan Street, Datong District, Taipei City. Tel: 2597-3183 ext. 107 through 111).

Failure to complete connection with the sewerage within 6 months starting from the announced commencement date will result in a fine in accordance with Clause 4 Item 1 of “Taipei City Government Unified Penalty Baseline for Violations against Sewerage Act”; the penalty is subject to repetitive prosecutions. Never violate the law or punishment will result.