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  • 2023-09-29
  • 星期五
  • 03:26

How do I apply for visiting Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant, Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant, and Bali Sewage Treatment Plant?

Application channel:

  1. Telephone:
    Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant, TEL: 25973183, Ext. 862
    Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant, TEL: 87919494, Ext. 109
    Bali Sewage Treatment Plant, TEL: 86302005 Ext. 119
  2. Facsimile:
    Bali Sewage Treatment Plant: 2619-2004
    Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant: 2596-4463
    Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant: 8791-9746
  3. Official document: Addressee: Sewerage Systems Office, Public Works Department, TCG; Address: No. 235, Jiuquan St., Datong District, Taipei City
  4. Online application: E-Services, website http://www.e-services.taipei.gov.tw/hypage.cgi?HYPAGE=index_01.htm&clsid0=5&clsid1=152&clsid2=294&cond=all&total_srv=8#showname_place