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  • 2022-12-08
  • 星期四
  • 12:02
NO.TitlePublish Date
61The Yongjian Elementary School reconstruction project by the New Construction Office wins the National Gold Award for Architecture and receives recognition from the Vice President2021-02-09
62The New Construction Office wins the Outstanding Awards in the environmental planning and design of the Landscape Awards with three projects: Xinsheng canal, the pedestrian environment on Zhongxiao East Road, and Zhongzheng Bridge2021-02-02
63Taiwan Furano Flower Sea reappeared at the Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park, the most beautiful Spring Festival2021-01-26
64Road quality of Taipei City rated excellent again by the central government2020-12-21
65Taipei City New Construction Office Continues Garnering Multiple Awards, Yongjian Elementary School Receive the National Golden Award for Architecture 2020-12-18
66Wanlong East Military Camp of Wenshan District transformed into a perpetual inclusive social welfare park2020-12-16
67The groundbreaking ceremony of Nanmen Market, the market transforms into a new era2020-12-16
68Preserving the beautiful scenery, CKS Shilin Residence Park Chrysanthemum Exhibition was extended to December 20th2020-12-15
69Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je Hosts Screening of National Geographic Channel’s “Inside: Taipei Grand Trail”2020-12-08
70The New Construction Office wins the Integrity and Transparency Awards by applying full-process e-application and review for road use, the first case in Taiwan2020-12-01
71The New Construction Office of Taipei City Government wins the Golden Stone First Prize of the Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award, the Oscars of architecture2020-12-01
72Pom Pom Purin meets you on the 19th anniversary of the CKS Shilin Residence Park Oncidium exhibition2020-11-27
73Fantastic Reveal of Taipei City's Riverside Floral Sea Rainbow Riverside Floral Sea Looks Awesome2020-11-26
74Taipei won the Championship in the 2020 Open Government Data Application Award with its Road Maintenance Management2020-11-18
75The autumn greening classroom at the Flower Experiment Center is coming!2020-10-30
76​Combining Flood Control and Urban Aesthetics Completion of the Beautification of Taipei City Sulfur Creek Embankment2020-10-22
77Promote the Forest Management Demonstration at Daluntou Mountain for the Permanent Inheritance of the Forestry2020-10-21
78Ko Wen-je Hosted the Construction Opening Ceremony of the Jingfeng First District Social Residence at Wenshan District, Taipei City2020-10-05
79“Chulu Bishan” to Start Your Brand New Mountain Life!2020-10-05
80Hand-made Bihu Park Ecological Floating Island is open for register2020-09-25