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  • 2023-09-29
  • 星期五
  • 05:24
NO.TitlePublish Date
1New Embankment Mural Artwork “DAYDREAM TAIPEI” Unveiled near Dazhi Bridge in Dajia Riverside Park2023-09-04
2The Largest Pump Track in the Nation Is Right Here in Taipei City: Deputy Mayor Lee Delivers Address Lauding the Charms of the Pump Track2023-09-04
3HEO Recognized with 4 Major Awards During the Taipei City Government Distinguished Public Construction Awards Presentation Ceremony2023-09-04
4New Construction Office Receives Recognition Again: 6 Projects Win the 2023 Taipei City Distinguished Public Construction Award 2023-09-01
5Great Achievement! New Construction Office Receives Praise Year After Year - 7 Projects Honored with 2023 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards!2023-08-18
6Unveiling the Guanshan Riverside Park Playground!2023-07-17
7Heshuang No. 21 Riverside Park Children’s Playground Opens to the Public Today!2023-07-17
8Primary part hoisting and convergence for the reconstruction of Zhongzheng Bridge is completed. Cars will be able to take the new bridge from Taipei to New Taipei City at the end of September.2023-07-10
9Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Construction of Daan Vocational High School’s New Multipurpose Academic Building2023-06-06
10Standing Humbly as if the Sun over the Lake: Topping-Out Ceremony of Nei-Hu Junior High School New Multipurpose Building Project2023-05-30
11Paint freely – Starting from today, graffiti is opened in 7 riverside wall painting zones in Taipei City 2023-05-19
12Prepare for the Flood Season – The Hydraulic Engineering Office has completed the inspection of hydraulic structures2023-05-19
13In order to improve the quality of the living environment and municipal infrastructure, the Taipei City Government implemented the “Binjiang Water Resources Recycle Center Project” in 2021. This announcement is to urge owners and individuals pertaining to lands and properties within the project scope to coordinate with the demolition/relocation of their properties for facilitating the progress of the project.2023-05-11
14A Bright New Look for Heping High School Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New Construction of the Heping High School Building on April 172023-04-28
15Can You Find All 12? Phase II Manhole Covers Featuring the 12 Districts of Taipei Completed2023-04-18
16Guting Riverside Teeming with Blooming Spiny Spiderflowers! Photo Prize Campaign Launched2023-04-07
17Nice photo taking experiences for the 2/28 Holiday. The painted walls of the riverside embankments in Taipei are stunning. 2023-03-29
18More than 6000 people have completed Cycling Around Taipei earning extra “Taipei Manhole Cover” badges.2023-03-29
19"Flower IN Taipei" Rose Exhibition "Happiness" debut!2023-03-08
20Hole cover fans, over. This map is so cool2023-03-07