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  • 2022-12-08
  • 星期四
  • 06:36
NO.TitlePublish Date
413 Projects of The New Construction Office of Taipei City Government win the National Golden Award for Architecture2021-11-15
42New paradise for family recreation! Children’s playground at Taipei Zhongzheng River Park opens October 12021-11-09
43Exploring 10 phenomenal embankment walls by artists available only at Taipei riverside parks!2021-11-09
44In accordance with the relevant regulations of the central government, masks lifted the ban on two mountain parks in Taipei City2021-11-03
45Mission Impossible Good News!! The New Construction Office wins the 2021 Taipei City Outstanding Public Works Awards on 7 projects.2021-10-20
46Flowers speak for Taipei rose garden flowers audio tour has been on the line.2021-10-05
47Construction of the Ximending Multi-functional Visitor Service Center Officially Commenced on September 9, 20212021-09-30
48Sports and fitness facilities will be unblocked tomorrow in Taipei City's parks,but children's playground equipment will still be closed.2021-09-03
49Da'an Forest Park is successful in preventing mosquitoes. The researchers used his own body to investigating the mosquitoes.2021-08-26
50SmartCities in Taiwan-Businesses Directory2021-07-13
51Park facilities in Taipei City are suspended until Level 3 alert is lifted.2021-07-02
52Congratulations! Taipei City New Construction Office receives 2021 FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Award2021-07-01
53Are we allowed to feed wild animals, pigeons or other birds in the park?2021-06-07
54Taipei City Government receives the first “Oscar Award” in anti-corruption. The New Construction Office receives the High Distinction Award – the Integrity Award by the Agency Against Corruption2021-06-04
55Park facilities in Taipei City will be temporarily suspended for use, and public areas will remain open.2021-05-25
56Modern New Nanmen Market Sets Sights on Gold Green Building Rating2021-05-14
57Taipei City’s common ducts continue to improve with intelligent technology, the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering conducts a visit to exchange experiences2021-04-20
58228 Peace Park Chinese Fringetree Blossoms2021-03-29
592021 Shilin Residence Tulip Festival2021-02-23
60Neihu Secret Attraction: Jin-Rui Flood Management Park - A Perfect Leisure Spot2021-02-18